Welcome to the Small County Coalition!
The Small County Coalition is a non-partisan statewide alliance of county commissions in Florida's small and rural counties. The Small County Coalition's primary mission is to help Florida's small and rural counties address legislative issues from a small county/rural perspective and work effectively with state agencies leadership.

The Small County Coalition supports programs that improve the financial viability and fiscal capacity of Florida's local governments in small counties.

The Coalition is led by an executive committee, and regional representatives from throughout the regions of the State of Florida.

For membership purposes, a small county is defined in the Coalition Bylaws as a county with a population of 150,000 persons or less. However, the Coalition has additional membership categories for counties, corporations, and other not-for-profit, government al entities that share the same concerns as Coalition members.

The Small County Coalition is represented by governmental relations consultants Chris Doolin and Bob Jones of the firm of Robert P. Jones & Associates.
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