REACH ACT Directs Reduction of the Number of Workforce Boards

CareerSource Florida is engaging a Realignment Process 

CareerSource Florida is exploring approaches to aligning Florida’s 24 local workforce development boards, consistent with the charge for reducing the number of local boards under the Reimagining Education and Career Help (REACH) Act.   The REACH Act seeks to achieve a more coordinated approach in delivering and using essential workforce development resources and services through enhanced alignment and accountability.

Signed into law after the 2021 Legislative Session, the REACH Act is an effort to position Florida to help people with barriers to education and employment become self-sufficient through enhanced access to good jobs and career pathways that offer economic opportunity.

The REACH Act (House Bill 1507)

House Bill 1507 Staff Analysis

CareerSource Florida REACH Act Highlights At-a-Glance

A complete overview and analysis are available at  This site includes an explanation of all facets of the REACH Act including the Phase 1 Report (which has been concluded), an outline for Phase 2, a full set of Questions and Answers about the processes used for developing final recommendations, and an overview of the metrics for assigning Grades to the 24 Workforce Boards.   Included with this briefing are the following –

Phase One Findings Report: LWDB Alignment Evaluation

Phase Two Scope of Work:  Discovery, Research, and Option Development